Suchard thai

Capturing hidden Thai flavours


Welcome to Suchard Thai

We’ve selected our favourite recipes from our family and friends in Thailand so that our diners can experience what we enjoy at home, right here in London. All dishes are freshly prepared, from our hand made starters to our delicious unique sauces, meaning you will never find our taste elsewhere. We invest in best locally sourced ingredients which are in season and delicately cooked with a range of spices. We also offer a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables. Our staff will be happy to assist you with a choice of dishes to make your dining experience a memorable one.


We source the best local vegetables as well as greens directly from Thailand to ensure all our dishes are will give the brightest fresh taste.


We cook with mindful ingredients to ensure only good things are plated in front of you.


We use a range of exotice spices and Thai herbs to deliver Southeast Asian flavours.


All of our starters are handmade and all of our sauces are homemade to give real depth of flavour without compromise.


“I want people to taste the kind of food I would cook for my family”

Suchard inngern  |  Founder